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On this page we have provided access to position papers and lessons on various Bible topics that we hope will interest our web site users. From time to time it will be updated with new materials. Christian ethics and copyright laws demand that these materials are for your personal use only. You may photocopy for use in a Bible study setting as long as you do not sell or otherwise financially profit from such copies, and provided that you do not alter or amend a document in any way. This also means that the author's name and copyright information on each document will be preserved by all parties using it.

Table of Contents:

PDF Documents

A Brief Rationale for Christianity and the Bible

Age of the Earth

American Christians and the Culture Wars

Ancient History and Technology


The Antichrist Prophecies

A Philosophical Defense of God

Approaches to Daniel and Revelation

A Search for Ultimate Truths

Bible Answers Intro Pages/Contents

Bible Answers

Bible Versions

The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

The Case for Christianity

The Case for the Sabbath

The Christian Church

The Christian Lifestyle

Church & State Bible Principles

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Ellen White and the Gift of Prophecy

Ellen White and Her Prophetic Gift Intro Pages/Contents

Ellen White and Her Prophetic Gift

Heaven and the New Earth

Hell:  The Final Punishment of the Wicked

The Holy Trinity

Important Dates in the Life of Jesus

Isaiah the Gospel Prophet

Israel and the Church

Issues with the Charismatic Movement

Jesus and His Teachings Intro Pages/Contents

Jesus and His Teachings

Jesus the Messiah

The Laws of God

Living a Holy Life


The Millennium

Mini Bible Lessons

Objections to the Pre-Advent Investigative Judgment

The Origin and Nature of Sin

Pre-Adamism and the Gap Theory

Principles of Hermeneutics

Red Sea & Mt. Sinai

The Remnant Church

Response to 5-Point Calvinism

Righteousness by Faith Alone

Role of Women in the Church

The Second Coming of Jesus

The Secret Rapture

The Seven Last Plagues

Spiritual Gifts

The Rise of Sunday Observance

The Seventy Weeks Prophecy

The State of Man in Death

Summary of the Reasons I am a Christian

The Historical Case for Jesus

The Origin and Nature of Sin

Theistic Evolution and the Scriptures

Unlocking Revelation's Secrets Intro Pages/Contents

Unlocking Revelation's Secrets

Wine and Alcohol in the Bible