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Updated: Nov 20, 2013

You may receive any one of these books by making a minimum donation of $5.

Available only in the United States and U.S. Territories

The Great Controversy The Great Controversy

This is probably the best book written since the Bible. The author describes, in a fascinating story form, the great controversy between Christ and Satan, from the origin of sin in heaven to the final showdown and climax of the ages at the Second Coming of Christ. Satan's subtle deceptions that have fooled most of the Christian world today are also identified.



Steps to Christ Steps to Christ

This is one of the most widely read books on how to come to Christ, or how to return to him once you've left him.Thousands of people have had their lives changed after reading it!



Ministry of Healing Ministry of Healing

This book describes the spiritual and physical laws of health that Jesus Himself used in His public ministry on the earth. It is filled with practical advice on how to live a healthier and happier life!



Ministry of Healing Christ's Object Lessons

This book presents a beautiful application of the parables of Jesus in the New Testament gospels.  It takes each parable and explains the Biblical context and how it applies to Christians today.  It would be a great devotional book also.