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Updated: Feb 18, 2017

How the Bible Study Courses Work!


We have two exciting series of Bible Lessons.  Explorer I:  Exploring Bible Truth will get you acquainted with the major teachings of the Bible.  Explorer II:  Exploring End-Time Prophecy covers most of the great end-time prophecies.  However, you must successfully complete Explorer I before you will be permitted to take Explorer II.  You will probably want to use your favorite Bible to look up some of the Bible texts for yourself.  Your heart will be thrilled with the new and exciting truths that you will be learning!

You do a Lesson directly on our site; it is graded automatically and returned to you along with the Link to the next Lesson. You will receive a professional-looking diploma when you have successfully completed a series of Lessons.  You can register for the online lessons with the instructions below.


1. Click here to Create a User Login and complete all of the information.  Please use your Email Address also as your User Name when you complete the User Login.

2. Clicking the Submit button near the bottom of the sign-up form will send a confirmation email to the address you used in the form. Open the email from: noreply@builders-of-faith.org, subject: Account Activation for Builders-of-Faith.org and follow the instructions to complete your account.

3. Once you click the long link in the email, you will be taken to a login page. You are now a Member. Use the User Name and Password you have just set up to log in. This will allow you to start the Bible Studies.  NOTE:  It is a good idea to keep your User Name and Password in a safe place for reference. You will need them every time you log in. 

Taking your Lessons:

1. To begin the lessons, or continue your lessons, click here

2. At the end of each lesson is a ten-question Quiz. The numbers in parenthesis after each question tell you how many correct answers there are to that question.  It is fine to scroll back to find the answer in the Lesson itself.

3. When you have completed the quiz, click the Submit button. The computer will grade your answers. You must earn at least 70% in order to be able to go on to the next lesson.  

  • If you are asked to retake the Quiz, click OK and it will return you to the Quiz. Now click Reset and you will be allowed to try again.
  • If it allows you to continue to the next Lesson, Click to continue, and you will see the next lesson. Anytime you return, you will be automatically taken to the lesson you are on.

4. To keep all of your Lessons and Quiz Sheets, you may either Save them to your computer OR print them off.

Enjoy your Bible study adventure!